Fine Art
  Plein Air and Studio Oil Paintings
Jane Coulombe
"Village of Bouilland, France"  8"x l0"  oil/panel $800
"Cassis Liqueurs"  12"x16"  oil $1,000
~ France ~
"Auvers sur Oise Garden"  16"x20"  oil/panel $1,700
Paintings are available through Tirage Art Gallery.
"St. Remy"  12"x16" oil/panel $1,000
"French Vineyard"  8"x10" oil $700
"Restaurant in Bois de Boulogne"  20"x24"  oil/canvas $1,900

"Paris News"  20"x24"  oil/canvas $1,900
"Chez Francis"  16"x20" oil/canvas  $1,600
"Huitres Bar" (Oyster Bar)  16"x20" oil/canvas  $1,700
"French Flower Market"  12"x16" oil/canvas $1,000
"Americans in Paris"  8"x10" oil/panel